Dermaplaning is an exfoliating treatment in which the aesthetician uses a surgical scalpel to gently scrape off any dead skin cells on the surface of your skin along with the soft vellus hair. The buildup of dead skin and vellus hair can make your complexion appear dry, flaky and can cause breakouts from clogged hair follicles and pores. This form of mechanical exfoliation is extremely effective for maintaining an even, healthy glow.

Dermaplaning can be done on all skin types. Patients with sun damage, fine lines, very dry skin and dull skin are great candidates. However, since the procedure requires use of a sharp scalpel, those with inflamed acne should pass on it until their complexion clears up.

Dispite what you might think, dermaplaning will NOT make your hair grow back thicker and darker.

There is no downtime after dermaplaning. Some light redness can be expected but not always. It is not uncommon for clients to come in over their lunch break and head straight back into work after.

Post-exfoliation your skin is extremely susceptible to a sunburn. You will need to keep SPF on. If you are not willing to protect your skin from the sun you might want to skip the dermaplaning.

The results can last 4-6 weeks. The procedure removes three weeks of dead skin cells, so your glow will last all month long.

Dermaplaning will change your make up applicaton. Peach fuzz tends to stand underneath foundation and face powders. Since the dermaplaning removes all the little hairs on your face, your makeup will go on super smoothly. Your skincare products will also be more effective, since the product isn't being blocked by dead skin cells and can penetrate the skin faster.

It is also important to understand the difference between store bought dermaplaning blades and medical grade blades. You are not getting the same treatment with the at home kit as you will by the trained professional with the medical grade products.

The dermaplaning treatment is $99.00. The treatment takes one hour and includes a mask and serum application post procedure.