What Is Electrology?

What Is Electrology?

Permanent Hair Removal Services

Electrology is the only true permanent hair removal method and is the only treatment method recognized by the FDA. First documented in 1875 by a St. Louis physician, this process has a 130-year track record of safety and effectiveness.

Electrolysis is the process of permanently removing hair by destroying the hair germ cells that reside in the lower half to two-thirds of the follicle lining and the papilla, the tiny bulb at the end of the hair that nourishes its blood supply. These two elements must be eliminated to render the follicle permanently unable to produce another hair. What we do is insert a very fine, sterile probe alongside the hair and into the follicle. Through this probe we apply a small and finely controlled electrical current to eliminate the hair germ cells and papilla.

Individual reaction to the current differs. Some people describe a slight tingling feeling, others feel a warm sensation, and some feel a mild discomfort. Everyone has a different tolerance level and we will adjust our settings to your comfort level!

Understanding hair growth cycles will help you understand our approach to treating unwanted hair. All hair goes through growth and replacement cycles. Early growth stage is the optimum treatment point, as the hair is finer and straighter, allowing the current to be more thorough. Some hairs, being thicker and coarser, will require more than one treatment before permanence is attained. An important thing to understand is that all hair growth cycles are not synchronized and consistent. You may get all visible hairs eliminated in one treatment but hairs that have been removed previous to treatment may take up to eight weeks to regrow for us to treat. Hair that regrows in this time is hair that has not been treated. Electrolysis is not a once only treatment but a series of treatments to fully eliminate all unwanted hair.



15 minute appointment- $25

30 minute appointment- $40

45 minute appointment- $60

60 minute appointment- $80