Arch a More Stylish Brow in Cedar Falls, IA

Arch a More Stylish Brow in Cedar Falls, IA

$450 and will include touch up visit

Even before full eyebrows became a trend, you spent countless hours tweezing, plucking and shading. In pursuit of the perfect brow, you tried numerous beauty products, but remained unsatisfied. However, the emergence of a new beauty service could change everything.

Our Cedar Falls aestheticians are proud to offer eyebrow microblading at our local salon. This semi-permanent makeup treatment is simple and effective. Revive Day Spa charges just $450 for a microblading service, which includes a touch-up visit four to six weeks later. Your completed brows will last atleast 18 months to 3 years, and garner all sorts of fabulous compliments.  There will be a $50 rescheduling fee.

You’ll shave hours off your morning makeup regimen, so call us at 319-266-6955 to learn more.

Is eyebrow microblading for you?

Revive Day Spa can revolutionize your beauty routine

You may have heard of cosmetic tattooing, but microblading is different. Here's how the process works:

•First, our aestheticians will use a brow pencil to outline your desired eyebrow shape

•Next, you'll select your preferred pigment - don't worry, these pigments will look completely realistic

•Finally, our aestheticians will begin manually inserting pigment using a series of fine-point needles

Treat yourself to the eyebrows you've always wanted. Keep those features on fleek with microblading from Revive Day Spa.